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Holy, haven't been on here in soooooo loooooong!! I was watching this YouTuber talk about this person stealing art on here and I was like, WAIT, WELL FLUBBERNUK, I FORGOT TO CRED THE PERSON WHO MADE THE PICTURE I PUT AS MY PROFILE PICTURE!?! I mean I don't know them, but I'M ADMITTING.
A girl with long dark brown hair and red eyes sits alone in front of a man. You ask how she can be alone? It's because this man sitting in front of her is dead. The girl looks at the man and pokes his arm "Garry? Garry, it's not time for nap time. It's time to get up Garry" The girl's name was Ib, she knew he was never going to wake up though she couldn't help it. She couldn't let this happen. He was her only friend in this god forsaken place. "Garry? Please wake up? It's Ib" The girl's name was in fact Ib, a strange different name for a strange different girl. Now soft clear tears dropped down from the little girl's eyes. She wiped them away softly before scooting and sitting in Garry's lap. She pulled his arms around her and snuggled to him. Even in death he was warm, he felt caring and kind. A lady with blonde hair had taken his life, his rose then torn it to pieces. Now leaving Ib to herself. "Garry? Can I stay with you . . ." She trailed off "Forever?" The girl slowly took her rose out. It was a crimson red and practically lit the room up with it's kind loving light. She looked down at it as small tears began to fall on the rose. She sniffled a bit before taking a petal in her hand* "He loves me" She pulled it off feeling like a knife hit her in the stomach. "He loves me not" She pulled off another petal. "He loves me" She continue this process. She was now at the last petal. "He-" *she couldn't finish when the arms around her tugged softly. She turned around finding she was in the normal museum. She panicked looking around* "G-Garry?" She said seeing a tall man with purple hair and a weird greyish blue coat on looking at a picture of a blonde little girl. "Garry!" She said running to him with tears of happiness falling from her eyes. She hugged the man from the back making the man freak out. He was panicked at first but when he looked back he smiled softly "Hey? Are you ok little girl? Did you loose your mommy and daddy?" He asked lowering down to her small height. Ib looked at him hurt as more tears fell from her red eyes "G-Garry?" She asked, the man was puzzled and shocked she knew his name "Yes? That's my name?" He answered, Ib hugged him again around the neck this time. She cried loudly drawing people's attention. Garry lead her down to a not so crowded part of the museum. After a few minutes Ib started to calm down, Garry patted her head when she finally asked it "G-Garry? D-Do you r-remember me?" Garry looked at her strange before scratching his head, he then felt something on his hand not there before. He looked at it. A small laced handkerchief was tied neatly around his hand. It was stained with his own blood and at the edge of the handkerchief said her name 'Ib'. He looked at it a bit before it all of the memories flood in. He looked down at Ib as slowly tears started falling from his own eyes. He hugged the little girl holding her close. Now it was Ib's turn to calm the tall older man.


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Hey, yes that is a female picture of Ceil Phantomhive. I love to RP and talk to people >.< My favorite colors are red, blue, white and black. I love anime and I'm very friendly though I can be a a$$ sometimes?


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